As he turned 74 last weekend, the oldest man ever to assume the presidency got all defensive about how he looked walking down a ramp at West Point. What he did was to draw even more attention to himself and raise additional questions about his physical and neurological health with many now insisting that this video provides further proof that Donald Trump is not well.

from the Lincoln Project

Our President’s inflexible and even questionable mind is on display every time he calls out for “law and order” in response to civil rights protests that are overwhelmingly peaceful and supported by great majorities of Americans. (Perhaps Trump’s mind is stuck in the 60s.)

He did himself a similar disservice when during a recent press conference where he was questioned by female reporters he appeared to muse nostalgically about the days when women were meek and retiring.

What we are witnessing is the President’s inability to change or adapt; a sure sign of a man who is not aging well. He appears even more defensive and reactionary than he was when he was elected. And like an out-of-touch founder of a business he’s no longer capable of running, he could do a whole lot of damage on his way out the door.

There are legitimate reasons for concern if Donald Trump is not well and we’ll look for further video evidence in the weeks ahead leading up to the general election.



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