Donald Trump is slumping in the polls and has now gone from ‘laughable to pitiful’ trying to convince Chris Wallace he’s not suffering from dementia.

It must be miserable right now working on the Trump reelection campaign.

The president has been mauled in the polls by the coronavirus pandemic that even found its way into the heart of the president’s reelection bid at his campaign headquarters located on the 14th floor of an Arlington, Virginia office building. The same building that Vice President Mike Pence visited last month and was photographed with a sea staffers, all without masks.

We now have learned that the office was shut down for a deep cleaning, weeks after a senior campaign official tested positive for the virus.

In the wake of this pandemic, Trump’s poll numbers continue to slump with more and more polls showing Joe Biden with a double digit lead and the president must surely be feeling desperate. How else could you explain Trump agreeing to sit down for an interview with Chris Wallace at Fox News?

It was apparently setup outside of his campaign who seemed to be caught off guard by the interview, with one senior official acknowledging that it was “a very bad idea,” and another saying there was no “rational reason” for the president to do an interview with Wallace, who is widely regarded as one of the sharpest and best-prepared interviewers in the news media and especially at this point in the campaign, just over 100 days before the election.

There have been moments during the last three years when President Donald Trump appeared either to be unwell or not in control of his faculties, and his performance in the one on one interview with Wallace proved to be no exception.

As expected, Wallace methodically and surgically dismantled the president, piece by piece over the course of the interview that – as it progressed – became almost painful to watch, with Trump committing several unforced errors that will surely end up providing much more footage for the creative video editors over at the Lincoln Project.

During the interview at one point, Wallace shared a Fox News poll showing a majority of Americans believing that Joe Biden is far more mentally sound than Donald Trump.

In response of course, Trump immediately began to talk about the cognitive exam he had recently “aced.” Wallace then held up the cognitive exam to the president.

“I took the test, too, when I heard that you passed it,” said Wallace.

“It’s not the hardest test,” Wallace, 72, continued. “They have a picture and it says ‘what’s that’ and it’s an elephant.” Another question, he said, was “count back from 100 by seven.”

A segment of the popular MSNBC program “Morning Joe” featured a panel looking on in amazement at the Fox News clip of Donald Trump boasting that he passed a clinical test used to gauge dementia in patients, with one panelist claiming the president’s effusive self-praise went from “laughable to pitiful.”

After sharing the clip of Trump telling Fox News host Chris Wallace that the last five questions were “very hard,” which was debunked on Twitter, “Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough dryly walked viewers through some of the questions which include knowing what day of the week it is.

“The president of the United States actually brags about to try to make us feel better about the man who has nuclear codes, to make us feel better that he’s somehow with it and this is why voters are wrong for thinking, actually, Joe Biden is sharper and has more mental acuity than the sitting president of the United States, because he could draw a clock and he could tell Chris Wallace what city he was in,” Scarborough asserted.

“It reminded me, at that point in the interview, that Chris Wallace had left the Rose Garden where he was interviewing the president and was visiting an old man in a nursing home trying to convince him that he was still cognitive in terms of his cognitive skills, that he was still able,” MSNBC host Al Sharpton added. “It was very — it went from laughable to pitiful.”

It was pitiful,” Scarborough interjected.

“To think this man is running this country and is in charge of the military and in charge of real decisions becomes frightening,” Sharpton continued. ‘When you think about the fact that he wants to reduce this to taking a test that he thinks is hard — the real test is going to be in November who can run the country, and as one who spent time in my life meeting with both Donald Trump and Joe Biden, that’s not a contest.”

So what was the response from the Trump campaign? In predictable fashion, son Eric took to Twitter, questioning Biden’s “apparent cognitive decline?

And Twitter raked him over the coals for it…


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