Incompetence, ignorance & indifference has made him the most deadly, job-killing president in our nation’s history. It’s one distinction that he really did earn.

And with so many Americans losing their jobs today, it’s time we all make sure that Trump lose his in November.

They’ve called him a coward. They’ve called him the worst president in the nation’s history. And now the folks at the Lincoln Project have finally gotten around to the issue that often upends presidencies.

As Clinton advisor James Carville famously put it a few decades back in the Bush-Clinton election cycle of the summer of 1992: “It’s the economy, stupid.”

The Patriots at the Lincoln Project have been like a cancerous thorn in the side of Donald Trump for months now and have obviously gotten under the president’s skin. With the US in a deep recession and nearly 8 million fewer people employed than when he took office, Trump has a huge – and likely insurmountable – hole to climb out of on the economic front.

The video ad notes that Trump’s “incompetence, ignorance and indifference have made him the most deadly job-killing president in our history. With so many losing their jobs, isn’t it time Donald Trump lost his?”

I really like the sound of that, all of us collectively standing up and yelling at the top of our voices – “You’re Fired!” – a phrase that Trump used to help inflate his national profile via “The Apprentice.”

Compounding Trump’s woes, we learned just yesterday that the Lincoln Project is only getting started, with a long list of heavy hits getting prepped on the play list and sure to create even more headaches for Trump and his reelection campaign.

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Millions of American jobs are not coming back

By Chris Isidore | CNN Business

But at the same time, 759,000 people were laid off from jobs that won’t be coming back.

That marks the second-largest monthly increase the United States has ever seen, topped only by an 805,000 jump in January of 2009, in the depths of the Great Recession. There’s now a total of 3.7 million unemployed Americans whose previous jobs are gone for good.

And millions more are at risk.

Temporary becomes permanent

More than 10 million Americans are currently categorized as temporarily out of work. But historically, nearly 30% of people who tell the Labor Department that they are temporarily unemployed never get their job back, said Heidi Shierholz, senior economist at the Economic Policy Institute, a liberal think tank.

“Even though we don’t know if the historical record will hold in this case, it’s an extremely valid concern that not all of those people are going to get called back,” she said.

People who are counting on businesses reopening their doors may be surprised to find that a temporary loss has become permanent one, said Zandi.

Jobs that won’t come back

Some of those unemployed were holding temporary jobs that came to an end. The end of a temporary job would have been more likely to be replaced by a new job in the strong job market that existed just last year.

But most of those 3.7 million workers lost long-term jobs.

‘This is just the beginning’

The recent spike in Covid-19 cases in different parts of the country, and the new round of stay-at-home orders and business shutdowns weren’t captured in this latest jobs report, according to both Zandi and Shierholz.

“The intensification of the virus has led to a second round of closure that might be too much for many of these businesses,” said Zandi.

The speed of the job losses is another reason for concern. The Great Recession was already more than a year old when it hit those record figures for permanent job losses. As economic problems build, economists say there will be more permanent job cuts ahead.

“This is just the beginning of the increase in permanent job losses,” said Zandi.

Voters are anxious for November - Trump and the Pandemic - Jobs not coming back anytime soon

The data collection problem

The latest government data available don’t account for many workers who are still on the job but are expected to be let go. For example, Boeing (BA) announced plans to cut 16,000 workers, with 12,300 of those job cuts already being identified through buyouts or involuntary permanent layoffs. But virtually all of those affected workers are still on the job as of today.

The US economy created 4.8 million jobs in June. But that’s not the whole story
Similarly, thousands of stores are closing permanently but still have workers in place as retailers hold closing sales.

And deep financial problems at state and local governments, most of which began a new fiscal year last week, are expected to lead to millions of additional permanent job cuts in the coming weeks and months unless Congress agrees to new round of financial assistance.

But Zandi said he’s concerned that the good headline number in last week’s jobs report might make it tougher to get the needed help passed through Congress.

“People might look at the better than anticipated jobs numbers, they say ‘The coast is clear economically,'” he said. “That’s the exact wrong message.”

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  1. Oh, so this is what a fake-news misinformation site looks like. It has to be, because everyone knows that President Barack Obama was the most deadly, job-killing president in our nation’s history. I mean, it’s fact and backed by the numbers – that is if you require actual data and evidence to support a claim as fact (obviously something this site doesn’t do). If you don’t believe me, look at the economic resurgence we saw once he left office. It’s a shame really, eight years of America’s First Black President and it took a rich white businessman to decrease Black unemployment and increase Black wage earnings. Yet, he’s divisive? I suppose in this day and time that’s what we call someone who is attempting to Close the wage gap between races – regardless of sex, creed, race or religion – and provide equal opportunity to all citizens. Well, if that’s divisive, sign me up!


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