This White House is pulling out all the stops to hide the grim news from the American people

The White House pandemic response with Donald Trump at the helm has been a complete failure as the president and members of his staff continue to point fingers of blame at China, Democratic state governors and Dr. Fauci. Past statements and actions from this administration are now coming back to haunt them with new cases of coronavirus spiking in a number of states that Trump had proudly announced reopening with hospital bed availability becoming critical in a number of cities and reported deaths from COVID-19 now also spiking again.

A failed pandemic response

After the White House attempted to keep Dr. Fauci from having access to the press, their latest desperate move now appears now to simply control the flow of data to minimize the bad news and grim reality from the American people, with President Trump and his team having instructed hospitals to report their numbers directly to the White House and completely bypass the CDC.

Really does make you wonder what else they are hiding from us?

These latest instructions on reporting COVID-19 data came in a little-noticed document called “COVID-19 Guidance for Hospital Reporting and FAQs,” issued just a few days ago on July 10.

Included in the document are instruction stating “As of July 15, 2020, hospitals should no longer report the Covid-19 information in this document to the National Healthcare Safety Network site. Please select one of the above methods to use instead.”

Several former CDC officials and other senior health officials have raised concerns with this new process instituted by the White House, calling it “unprecedented” and a “dangerous step in being able to ‘bleach’ the data.” And on the very same day when several CDC former directors blasted the Trump administration for its poor handling of the pandemic response.

These are all signs of a desperate president who has lost control of what should be our nation’s leadership role.

Trump cooking the COVID books - hiding true hospitalization numbers from CDC

The US under Donald Trump is slowly becoming more and more like a small banana republic with a madman as its authoritarian dictator, willing to do anything to stay in power while placing the health and well being of our nation underneath his own self interests.

All of this in a failing effort to stay in office another four more years.

Remember these actions, lies and corruption my friends in the coming months. Make sure that you, your friends and family are all currently registered to vote and organize yourselves into teams to make sure that all of you go out and vote this shameful president out of office on November third.

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