Donald Trump is sinking in the polls. He’s tried to ignore COVID-19 and the Russian bounty scandal, but he can’t ignore the whispers, growing in numbers and volume behind his back…

His staff keeps leaking to the press about how mentally and physically weak he is, how he can’t focus, and why he hides in a bunker when it matters most. This is just what a few of them would say on the record.

“We are witnessing the consequences of three years without mature leadership.”
—Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis, The Atlantic, June 3, 2020

“Remained stunningly uninformed on how to run the White House.”
—Former National Security Advisor John Bolton, The Room Where it Happened

“An idiot.”
—Former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly to Bob Woodward, Fear: Trump in the White House

“A racist, misogynist, and bigot.”
—Former Assistant to the President Omarosa Manigault Newman, Unhinged

“A f***ing moron.”
—Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, NBC News, Oct. 4, 2017


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