Today is a referendum on Donald Trump and record tens of millions of voters going to the polls is not a positive indicator for the president

Americans go to the polls today in this final election day after nearly 100 million voters across the country already voted via early voting.

The historic record number of early voters includes a previously unseen number of first time and younger voters; a sign that a growing number of Americans view this election as arguably the most consequential election of our country’s history.

This election has turned into a referendum on Donald Trump and his (mis)handling of the coronavirus pandemic and racial unrest following the death of George Floyd that was only exacerbated by Trump’s own hateful and divisive rhetoric and Twitter feed.

COVID19 has claimed the lives of more than 230,000 Americans as of today and in spite of his constant efforts to minimize the dangers and outright lies about his mishandling of the pandemic, Americans have seen the effects up close, and the polls reflect that.

Real Clear Politics - Final National Poll on Trump - Biden election

‘Flames of hate’

Donald Trump himself provided much of the same material that would be turned and used against him by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in their 2020 campaign. It’s almost as if Trump can’t help himself.

In his closing argument last night, joe Biden used Trump’s own actions and words, returning to his core election message that he can restore unity to a divided country.

“Tomorrow we can put an end to a presidency that has divided this nation. Tomorrow we can put an end to a presidency that has failed to protect this nation. Tomorrow we can put an end to a presidency that has fanned the flames of hate across this nation,” he said at a campaign event in Cleveland, Ohio on Monday night.

Swing states

Though polls are showing Mr Biden ahead by as much as double digits nationally and in key swing states, Trump still has a very narrow path to victory that will require nearly everything to go his way.

In a sign of the importance of Pennsylvania – a battleground state Mr Trump won by just 44,000 votes in 2016 – both campaigns fanned out across the state on Monday, with the president holding a campaign event in his opponent’s home town of Scranton. Florida also remains in focus heading into election day, with Mr Obama campaigning in the state on Monday.

Still undecided? Do it for them…

Some political pundits have been attempting to predict the outcomes in many of these critical swing states based on available early voting data by party but in reality such parameters may not hold as much weight this 2020 election year.

With a historic volume of young voters and first time voters who have predominantly registered as independent / no party affiliation, the number of independent voters in several swing states just might have the last word in this election.

In 2016, a majority of independent voters did favor Donald Trump in 2016 but most of the recent polls have consistently shown that this same group is now leaning towards Joe Biden.

Further complicating predictions is the data showing an increasing number of Republican registered voters, including suburban women, college educated whites and seniors have broken with their party over the president’s handling of the pandemic, BLM protests and divisive speech.

If true, then we just might see a Blue Tsunami tonight unfold. But for that to happen it takes much more than just good polling data. We must all go to the polls and vote. While you’re at it, call some like-minded friends to go with you.

Today is the day. It’s America OR Trump. VOTE to take it back…

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