Martin Sheen narrates a Lincoln Project video, saying “Good morning. Today is the first day of the rest of America’s life.”

Martin Sheen narrates this Lincoln Project Election Day video calling today “the first day of the rest of America’s life” and showing photos of the sun rising, Americans across the country getting out of bed and joggers taking off for a morning run.

“One day that will, one way or another, change how this country feels about itself.One last push to get the train back on its tracks. One day that cannot wipe out the last nine months or the last four years, but can clear a path for a thousand better days ahead.”

In the video, Sheen goes on to describe how the rest of the world is watching Americans as we go to the polls, comparing it to a parent sitting in the stands, “peaking through their fingers.”

“Come on, America. Come on,” Sheen encourages all of us.

“One day that will now play itself out, hour by hour and vote by vote, with history on it’s shoulders.”

“One day, that will change our lives forever…”

Still undecided? Do it for them…

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