Donald Trump is arresting American citizens protesting peacefully, thrown into unmarked vehicles

“The videos of masked, anonymous government officers attacking American citizens who pose no threat is shocking to watch. Federal agents with no badge are kidnapping civilians into unmarked vans.”

“How is this America?” asks Lincoln Project co-founder Reed Galen in a new video ad release.

“All Americans must be vigilant.”

Police: Richmond riots instigated by white supremacists posing as BLM protesters -

While Trump’s polling numbers are tanking, the Lincoln Project warns us that the president is losing control. The state of Oregon asked the Department of Homeland Security not to intervene with their protests, saying that things were dying down and had grown much more peaceful. Trump and the DHS ignored the governor’s pleas to stop and made things worse, according to the Portland mayor.

Like a scene out of “V for Vendetta,” The video describes how Trump’s federal agents, “deputized by a rogue attorney general,” snatched protesters off the streets, threw them into unmarked cars, and took them away somewhere.

“This is how it starts, and freedom dies,” the video closes.


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