“It’s a very solemn day,” a Trump campaign adviser said after the death of President Trump’s younger brother, Robert, while Trump was on the golf course.

President Donald Trump visited his dying brother Robert Trump in New York on Friday and his brother passed last night.

Did the president stay close to his brother’s bedside in his final hours or did his presidential duties mandate his presence in Washington; with over 170,000 Americans dead from coronavirus and tens of millions out of work, one might wonder?

Turns out – neither one.

True to form, Donald Trump cares only about number one and after a short visit with his soon to depart brother, he spent the rest of the day Friday golfing with former NFL kicker Jay Feely. Feely proudly tweeted photos of himself with Trump on the golf course.

So next time some Trump campaign mouthpiece tries to tell you how much the president cares about you, remember that Donald Trump went golfing for the 269th time as president, as his brother Robert – who he claims to have loved early – spent his final hours of life in the hospital.

Donald Trump: Coward or Complicit

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