America is in crisis today, demanding a change in direction and new leadership.

Joe Biden - Restore the Soul of America in 2020
Joe Biden – Restore the Soul of America in 2020

Our country today is more divided than ever in our lifetime with many historians comparing the current climate to 1860 America, where our nation was extremely polarized over slavery and the issue rallied 80 percent of the qualified voters to turn out to vote.

While that high level of voter turnout may be difficult to match this November, many are predicting this coming General election could be the highest turnout seen in recent history with America dealing with the pandemic, poor economy, unemployment and racial tension, all at the same time.

And with an incumbent president pouring gasoline on the fires of division.

My motivation here is not to convince Republican Trumpers to abandon the president and choose Joe Biden in November. Orange Kool Aid drinkers likely wouldn’t even bother to read this far and wouldn’t change their minds, even if they did.

Even if Trump were caught on video shooting someone dead on Fifth Avenue tomorrow.

Instead, I am reaching out to moderate Republicans, Independents and even those Democrats who may be feeling unsure, perhaps Joe Biden was not your first choice.

Today, Joe Biden is our ONLY real choice to right this sinking ship in the middle of a pandemic and multiple crisis that have proven too much for this current administration to handle. We cannot wait another 4 years to begin the process of restoring moral leadership and decency to the White House, by that time it will be much too late.

Why should I feel motivated to vote for Joe?

There are quite a number of reasons to vote BLUE this coming election with one single issue unifying all who will likely vote for Biden: a vote for Joe in November is a vote against Trump. Bill Press summed up quite nicely what most voters turned off on Trump are feeling about the president today:

“I hate the fact that we have an uncouth, racist, white supremacist, misogynist, xenophobic, serial sexual abuser, pathological liar and scientific ignoramus in the Oval Office.

I hate the fact that the president of the United States is no longer someone parents can point to as a role model for their children. Most parents wouldn’t even invite him over for dinner, afraid of what he might say in front of their children.

I hate the fact that leaders of the free world make fun of our president, while laughing at him – and us.”

While you may agree with most or all of what Bill press summarized about Trump’s personal failings and sociopathic personality flaws, there are even more powerful, positive reasons to support the Joe Biden 2020 candidacy. This November is much more than just a referendum on Donald Trump and your choice at the ballot box is much more than just a NOTRUMP vote.

What follows are – what I believe – the most pressing issues facing our country today.

Coronavirus Pandemic in America - new cases spiking again

Managing the US pandemic response

We are in the midst of a national public health crisis, critically exacerbated by a crisis of national leadership and a failure to communicate. Donald Trump and his administration have proven themselves to be criminally inept with a comprehensive failure to manage our pandemic response.

In case you forgot, here’s a quick summary:

  • Trump disbanded pandemic response teams in China and the NSC in 2018
  • White House ignored early warnings of the threat of coronavirus and minimized the danger
  • Eventually closed travel from China (too late) but left the US open to virus influx from rest of planet
  • Trump bungled messaging and pandemic response coordination and testing
  • Trump continually ignored advice from his own CDC and health advisors, pushing unauthorized drugs
  • Trump pushed the country to reopen too soon, causing new cases of COVID19 to spike at record levels
  • COVID19 related deaths now seen increasing as a result
  • Trump pushing for kids to return to school, in spite of new cases and deaths spiking

Donald Trump’s management of the coronavirus pandemic is to protect his own personal political interests, not the US public health; on that there remains little doubt at this point. When you look around the world, you see what could have happened to the United States.

In Spain, which experienced the pandemic as intensely as any country in the world, they’re down to fewer than 200 new cases a day, with deaths in the single digits. In Italy, which we heard so much about, it’s a similar story: 235 new cases and 29 deaths on Monday. Canada: 360 cases, 29 deaths. The Netherlands: 91 cases, 3 deaths.

These countries have done what we couldn’t. There isn’t just one reason, but there’s one big reason: Donald Trump.

In contrast, Joe Biden – whether he was your first or last choice months ago – is the man uniquely qualified to best lead the US out of this pandemic crisis that has its grip on America today. In his speech recently, Biden outlined a new vision for his pandemic plan when he takes office. Here are the main components:

  • More testing and more contact tracing, coordinated and funded by the federal government
  • More personal protective equipment for front-line workers, especially health-care workers
  • Leading a global effort to find and produce treatments and vaccines
  • Nationwide guidelines that states can adopt for reopening when the virus begins to get under control
  • More steps to protect vulnerable populations, including seniors

There’s nothing revolutionary there and in one form or another, the Trump administration said it was doing all of that. But through its mismanagement and the president himself undermining the effort at every turn, it just didn’t happen.

Biden emphasized that, saying:

If it feels like you’re hearing the experts talk about the same issues for months, you’d be right. These have always been the steps the government needed to put in place to meet the threat. Statewide lockdowns that so many Americans lived under for months were intended to buy us time to get our act together.

Instead of using that time to prepare ourselves, Donald Trump squandered it. Now here we are, more than three months later, we’re hardly better prepared than we were in March. Infections are on the rise. The threat of massive spikes that overwhelm the capacity of our health care system is on the horizon. Americans, anxious and out of work, are fearful for their lives and their livelihoods.

Donald Trump is doing next to nothing about it.

And key to not only help our nation deal with this pandemic but also ensure that we never again find ourselves the world’s worst at dealing with a pandemic response are these two promises from his campaign website:


Ensure that public health decisions are made by public health professionals and not politicians, and officials engaged in the response do not fear retribution or public disparagement for performing their jobs.     

Immediately restore the White House National Security Council Directorate for Global Health Security and Biodefense, which was established by the Obama-Biden Administration and eliminated by the Trump Administration in 2018.

TrumpVirus Feedback -

Restore and Rebuild our Economy

I don’t need to tell you how bad our economy has taken a hit from this pandemic. Most of us – save the most die-hard Trump supporters – will admit that the position of the GOP up until now, has been to question and minimize when possible the amount of pandemic related financial aid provided to American workers, while simultaneously pushing through a generous financial windfall for large corporation with recent reports now showing that many with close ties to Trump, benefited most.

And even before this pandemic, the Trump tax cut along with all of his economic policies mostly rewarded wealth over work, corporations over working families.

Yesterday, Joe Biden laid out a bold plan for an aggressive economic and job creation agenda, proposing a massive $700 billion plan to bolster the United States economy and make America great again. 

Few Americans benefit from the Trump economy
Few Americans benefit from the Trump economy

Biden’s new economic program includes allocating $400 billion toward buying U.S. products and services to spur job growth and reinvigorating manufacturing. Another $300 billion will be spent on new research and development, primarily in U.S. technologies. He’s also calling for “Buy American” legislation.

This comprehensive manufacturing and innovation strategy will focus federal government resources in ways that we have not seen in over half a century, since World War II and its goal to create about 5 million new jobs.

The Wall Street Journal reported, “His proposals are designed to reduce America’s reliance on foreign countries after the pandemic exposed the vulnerabilities of the U.S., and other countries, in relying on foreign producers such as China for critical medical supplies and equipment.”

Biden also intends to promote and tighten rules on products “made in America.”

These are all solid plans that will most favor the bulk of our country – working, middle class America – and Biden will put a stop to the GOP’s insistence on reinstituting the economic policy of trickle down economics – proven a failure, over and over again.

White Flight - Why Trump is falling in the Polls and will Lose Election
Black Lives Matter movement uniting people of all races

Unite and Heal America

Donald Trump, with the help of advisor Stephen Miller, has pushed our nation to become more divided than ever before in our lifetime with his increasingly hate-filled, fiery rhetoric.

Abraham Lincoln must be turning over in his grave in contempt.

This road that Donald Trump is pulling us down leads only to one destination. Following this path, we are headed for another American civil war and absent the sudden appearance of an Abraham Lincoln in this administration, there is only way to stop this hell-bound train.

His name is Joe Biden. Even Republicans accept and admit that Joe is a good, moral and kind soul – the very opposite of Donald Trump – and what America needs today.

Biden and Sanders working together on a Unity Platform

Joe Biden and his progressive rival for the Democratic nomination, Sen. Bernie Sanders, offered up a joint vision yesterday for how a Biden administration would run the country, including proposals to right racist wrongs, reverse climate change and address inequities the document’s authors say have hurt both the nation and its people.

The lengthy document was penned by the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Forces, teams of experts who offered recommendations to the Democratic National Committee before the party platform is written at the convention next month.

The recommendations reflected the influence of party progressives, who failed to get Sanders, a democratic socialist of Vermont, the nomination but who represent the energy – and quite possibly, the future – of the party.

“For the millions of Americans facing hardship due to President Trump’s failed coronavirus response, this election offers the chance to usher in a stronger, fairer economy that works for our working families,” Biden said in a statement. Sanders acknowledged that he and Biden have “strong disagreements” about issues, the jointly produced paper is “a good policy blueprint that will move this country in a much-needed progressive direction and substantially improve the lives of working families throughout our country.”

Affordable Care Act with a Public Option

Instead of recommending replacing the current public-private health care system with a single-payer operation, for example, the paper recommends building on the Affordable Care Act with a public option.

Because of the high unemployment rate from the COVID-19 pandemic, the document says the federal government should pay the price of often-costly premiums unemployed people now pay under the COBRA health insurance law, passed under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, to continue their health insurance.

Paid sick leave would also be afforded to workers affected by the pandemic.


Instead of the Green New Deal touted by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the freshman New York Democrat who personifies the newly leftward movement of the Democratic Party, the document calls for regulations and financial incentives to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Ocasio-Cortez is a co-chairwoman of the climate change task force of the Biden-Sanders unity committee.

Free Public College and University Tuition

The unity document recommends free public college and university tuition for students from families earning $125,000 a year or less.

While not forgiving all student loan debt, the proposed unity platform does offer up to $10,000 in student debt relief per borrower to alleviate the financial hit caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Racial Equality

The paper also reflects the nation’s new focus on racial justice as well as the steady demographic movement of the country toward majority-minority status. Every topical segment of the paper – from education and criminal justice reform to the economy and health – notes the disproportionate pain felt by African Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans. The second line of the document, a section on climate change, name-checks Puerto Rico as a place hit harshly by the effects of climate change.

Puerto Ricans cannot vote in the general election, but many have moved to Florida and other battleground states and are still stung by what they see as Trump’s callous attitude when the island was ravaged by Hurricane Maria in 2017. As U.S. citizens, Puerto Ricans living in the states are able to vote.

The document is unusually blunt, for a party platform, in its description of how public policies now hurt African Americans.

“We cannot hope to raise wages without taking on the profound racial biases at work in our employment system,” the paper says, calling for a closing of the wage gap. It refers to police brutality as “a stain on the soul of our nation,” a nod to the massive protests that have occurred because of the deaths of African Americans in police custody.

“The misguided and racist federal war on drugs and the systematic criminalization of poverty means that one in three Black men – and one in six Latino men – will spend time in jail or prison at some point in their lives, reducing their lifetime earnings and making it harder to get a job upon release and build family and community resources,” the document adds.

Joe Biden - Restore the Soul of America in 2020
Joe Biden – Restore the Soul of America in 2020

Need more?

If none of that in itself is enough to make you feel enthused to vote for Biden this November, then I suppose the answer of simply stopping Trump with all he brings with him – his hate, his corruption, his treasonous loyalty to Russia over America and his threat to our institutions and constitutional balance of power.

And if even all that isn’t enough, then fallback on the wise advice given me by dad over 60 years ago – “listen to your elders.

Older voters are more often than not conservative and have traditionally voted Republican for decades yet nearly every single polling source is now showing seniors fleeing Trump today, moving towards Joe Biden.

We may disagree on many issues but we are united in our belief that Trump must be defeated this November. That is more important than any personal partisan bias or political agenda.

A vote for Joe Biden this coming November is to restore Decency, the Heart and Soul of America. And nothing less…


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