“I think Jared [Kushner] is the most authoritative example of the dangers of nepotism in government we’ll see in our lifetimes. His portfolio expands to the limits of his lack of competence, and as family he cannot be fired.” – Harry Shearer

Wolf Blitzer: “Are 170,000 dead Americans – would you still report, suggest that this has been a success story?”
Jared Kushner: “Yes.” (The Situation Room, CNN, Aug. 17, 2020)

Son In Law – Harry Shearer

Harry Shearer is an actor-author-director-comedian-musician-philosopher-political satirist-record company owner, and one of the best “voices” in the business – voicing 25 characters on The Simpsons.

Last month, “Son In Law” was the first track released from Shear’s forthcoming album, “The Many Moods Of Donald Trump”. The album is scheduled for an October release through Twanky Records, the label Shearer founded with his wife, singer-songwriter Judith Owen.

From FYI Music News: “Most know Harry Shearer for his work on The Simpsons, voicing Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders and countless other characters, or as his alter ego, the lovably lukewarm Derek Smalls of Spinal Tap. But those who have followed his career more closely also know the real Harry Shearer as an unflinching political satirist. That side of him will come to the fore this October when he releases ‘The Many Moods Of Donald Trump,’ a collection of satirical songs timed to coincide with the U.S. presidential election.”

“Shearer is offering a preview of the album with the track Son In Law, a jab at White House advisor Jared Kushner, and based on the R&B classic ‘Mother In Law’ by New Orleans fixture Ernie K-Doe. The Big Easy has been Shearer’s second home for many years, so it’s not surprising that he was able to get famed local musicians such as George Porter Jr. of The Meters, Raymond Weber of Dumpstaphunk, and trombonist Jon Ramm for the session.”

“Son In Law is accompanied by a groundbreaking motion-capture animation video produced by The Electric Lens Company of Sydney, Australia. Using motion capture technology to record Shearer’s body, hands and face, this footage was adapted to a machine-learning AI face that was trained for weeks on footage of Trump’s speeches. This algorithm learned the subtle movements of Trump’s face, with the end result seeing Shearer fully transformed into Trump.”

On August 13 Shearer told digital news journalist Jack Quann: “I’d been writing songs about, and in the voice of Donald Trump, for my weekly radio show in the States for the last three years. And in the beginning of this year I realized ‘Wow, I’ve collected a bunch of them – maybe the best of them would make a good record’. The ones on the radio show are basically like demo-versions, so I went in the studio with a friend of mine, who’s my producer, and we did serious recordings with musicians and everything.”

“And we’re releasing one a week: ‘Son-in-Law’ was the first one, the second one is about the president migrating back and forth between ridiculous optimism and ridiculous pessimism about the current pandemic – called ‘COVID-180’.”

“But ‘Son-in-Law’ was the first one…it’s about his daughter’s husband, Jared Kushner, who’s a special adviser to the president, and whose range of expertise spreads wide enough to cover his lack of competence in almost every field.”

“So he is the Middle East peace adviser – that’s gone well so far – he’s the pandemic adviser – and that’s really been a roaring success, so it’s a pay-in to a man whose accomplishments are yet to be discovered.” …

“I have a range of wonderful guests in ‘Son-in-Law’, which as you know is based on an old New Orleans song called ‘Mother-in-Law’.”

“It was the one song in the record that was recorded down in New Orleans”.

Shearer told Jason Schneider (FYI Music News): “Satirists who expect to move public opinion are doomed to lives of morose disappointment. The Trump ‘base’ acts more like a cult than a traditional political support group. Cult leaders are always testing followers by saying or doing increasingly outrageous or irrational things. Your investment in the previous absurdities forms a psychological boundary against current dissent; you have to acknowledge your own cupidity and foolishness, and that’s a big ask. People in that situation often choose to drink the Kook-Aid instead.”

Son In Law

Person I trust most
Son in law
He’s the butter on my toast
Son in law
He gives me good advice
He’s cheap at half the price
Thinks my daughter’s tits are nice
Son in law
Son in law

He tries to keep me calm
Son in law
To make sure I don’t bomb
Son in law
When he thinks I need a clue
He knows just what to do
What’s more he’s a Jew
Son in law
Son in law

Sometimes I let him down
Son in law
That’s when they call me a clown
Son in law
Despite his strong appeal
I didn’t like the climate deal
He called me a big schlemiel
Son in law
Son in law
Son in law
Son in law

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Wolf Blitzer: “Are 170,000 dead Americans – would you still report, suggest that this has been a success story?”
Jared Kushner: “Yes.”

Jared Kushner says ‘yes,’ the US coronavirus death toll of 170,000 is a ‘success story,’ doubling down on comments from April (Aug. 17, 2020)
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Mother-In-Law was written and produced by Allen Toussaint, who also played the piano solo:

Mother-In-Law (1961) – Ernie K-Doe

Mother-In-Law (Remastered 2014) – Ernie K-Doe

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