Ronald Reagan spoke often of America as a shining city on a hill: a prosperous, free, and virtuous model for the nations of the world. Is Trump’s Republican Party living up to that vision of our potential? Has your party left you? Republican Voters Against Trump is a coalition of Republicans, former Republicans, conservatives, and former Trump voters who can’t support Trump for president this fall.

Courting ‘soft’ Trump supporters in Pennsylvania with $1 million in ads

Sarah, a lifelong Republican from Mechanicsburg, Pa., looks pained as she says in a video that she will vote for Democrat Joe Biden over President Donald Trump. “He says he puts America first, but it’s clear he only knows how to put Trump first,” she says.

It might have been the work of Democrats. But the ad, now running in Pennsylvania, was produced by Republican Voters Against Trump (RVAT), a group waging guerrilla warfare within the GOP.

The group has bought $1 million in airtime for TV ads, and has begun with an ad on Fox News in Pennsylvania, with plans to extend that campaign to other swing states.

“We believe Joe Biden can take Pennsylvania on the back of former Republicans and former Trump voters,” Tim Miller, political director of RVAT. “That’s a swing constituency that can carry the state.”

Trump carried Pennsylvania by about 44,000 votes, or less than a percentage point, in 2016, and the state figures prominently in the electoral strategies of both parties. With the coronavirus pandemic now the top campaign issue for most Americans and especially among senior voters, these video ad buys will certainly cause the Trump reelection campaign significant grief as they attempt to battle back, trailing Joe Biden by double digits with voters across the country.


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