Who can forget this Saturday Night Live moment from back in the 2016 titled “Racists for Trump”? This memorable video skit was an ad parody mocking the support presidential hopeful Donald Trump had (and continues to) received from white supremacists after his controversial endorsement from former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke.

The ad portrayed “what real Americans” were saying about Donald Trump before revealing that those speaking in the commercial are members of the KKK or other racist hate groups.

“The guy’s a winner,” one voter says. “He’s authentic,” another chimes in. “I think he can make this country great again,” another says. At the end of the clip, viewers can see that one of the subjects is wearing a Nazi armband, while another is ironing a KKK uniform. The ad ends with a giant “Racists for Trump” logo.

Many Trump supporters expressed outrage over the video skit, claiming that they are not racists and Donald Trump had never publicly supported the KKK or its platform. However Trump did little to help himself when asked about the Duke endorsement for the manner in which he disavowed the former grand wizard of the Klu Klux Klan and his vote of support.

Furthermore, polling conducted during the 2016 campaign showed that nearly 20 percent of the supporters for Donald Trump did not approve of freeing slaves, something we’re sure that the 2020 Trump campaign does not wish to be reminded of.

Maybe the Joe Biden campaign could make some good use of that prickly point to highlight what a divisive leader Donald Trump has truly been. All of us here at TrumpVirus are more than happy to help…

Racists for Donald Trump
Racists for Donald Trump

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