Massive early voting lead for Democrats - Blue Wave

2020 Early Voting Numbers: BIG Blue Wave

The early voting numbers are showing a HUGE BLUE turnout across America that is putting Trump into a deep hole in critical swing states

The Scandalous Rudy Giuliani Scene from ‘Borat 2’

Here's the cringeworthy Rudy Giuliani scene in the hotel room with a young female from "Borat Subsequent Moviefilm"
Trump has no healthcare plan

Trump has NO healthcare plan

Joe Biden laid out his healthcare plan while Donald Trump continues to promise a healthcare plan that doesn't even exist
Florida Seniors and Republicans for Joe Biden

In closing days of campaign, more Republicans turning to vote for Joe Biden

An increasing number of Republican 2016 Trump voters are now voting for Joe Biden and Florida seniors may be the 2020 election barometer.

Trump looks to fire FBI Director who is warning of new Russian threat to...

As FBI Director Wray warned of attempts by Russia and Iran to interfere with our election, Trump is weighing options to fire Wray and Barr

Here’s how we STOP Trump from stealing this election…

A MASSIVE voter turnout and #BlueWave is the only way to ensure that Donald Trump and William Barr are unable to steal the 2020 election.