White House is Now Promoting ‘Herd Immunity’

Trump is now embracing a pandemic strategy that unless first contained and without a vaccine, dooms countless Americans to die from COVID19.

To save America, Trump has to go…

Trump never had a real plan for coronavirus, much less our nation's future. This election will decide where we want for America to go.
Data shows that there are more COVID infections in Red States vs Blue States in US

Busting Trump’s Lies on COVID and Blue States

President Trump has repeatedly blamed blue states for the high COVID infection numbers but the actual data shows the exact opposite.

COVID19 – Troubling Signs of a Second Wave

The recent uptick in coronavirus cases across the U.S. has emergency physicians fearing the start of a "dreaded second wave."
State by State Guide to Early Voting

How to Vote Early: State by State Guide

Most states offer voters options to vote early and/or apply for an absentee ballot. Here is a state by state guide to early voting in 2020.
The Failed Leadership of Donald Trump facing COVID19

Trump’s Lies are Killing Americans

The short video is incredibly sad and painful to watch but clearly lays bare the Trump administration's failed COVID19 pandemic response