American POWs like John McCain are heroes because they were captured. Our soldiers deserve a better president than Corporal Bone Spurs.

Following the announcement of a Veteran and Military Community Coalition earlier this week, today The Lincoln Project released a new ad, “POW”, spotlighting the horrors American prisoners of war have experienced and recognizing them as the heroes they are.

The ad also admonishes Trump for the horrific comments he made about the late Senator John McCain’s military service and experience as a prisoner of war.

Fox News confirms Atlantic story of “Losers and Suckers” comments by Trump

“President Trump dodged serving in Vietnam, who since even before becoming president has degraded war heroes and has allowed Russia to put a bounty on the heads of our brave service men and women,” said Fred Wellman, The Lincoln Project’s Senior Advisor for Veteran’s Affairs.

“He is a disgrace to the office and unworthy of the title Commander in Chief. We are sending this ad to every Republican Senator and Congressman with a letter asking if they stand with our brave POW’s or Donald Trump. Our soldiers deserve to know who has their backs.

And it’s not Donald Trump.”

Republican Military Veterans Voting for Biden in November 2020

#TrumpVirus TrumpVirus Trump Virus


  1. Before he was elected I said Donald Trump was a con man, and so did most of the republican party. However,when he was elected they changed their tune and their religion. The republicans now are more obedient tp trump than they are God.


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