The White House has made a new video ad sharing how things are going right now. It’s surprisingly honest and informative…

Every time President Donald Trump and his political team claim great progress in the pandemic it’s a dangerous sign: things are likely about to get worse.

Forever spinning their failure in handling the crisis, Trump and Vice President Mike Pence both continue to make claims of “significant” advances and “very encouraging” signs and celebrated “plateauing” cases in sunbelt areas that might have escaped their disasters by ignoring the President’s advice.

The extent of Trump’s denial and misunderstanding of the virus and the raw callousness with which he views a death toll approaching 200,000 Americans was on full display in an interview with Axios recently.

The President brandished rudimentary charts highlighting data showing his response in its most positive light, while making multiple false claims about the US response to the crisis in relation to the rest of the world. His remarks about the human loss, caused by a pandemic that he has often downplayed, seem to highlight his detachment.

Fox News confirms Atlantic story of “Losers and Suckers” comments by Trump

“They are dying. That’s true. And you — it is what it is. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t doing everything we can. It’s under control as much as you can control it. This is a horrible plague that beset us,” Trump said.

The cheerleading clashed with forecasts from government health experts that 1,000 Americans a day will die from Covid-19 in coming weeks, and an alarming warning from Dr. Deborah Birx, which led Trump to effectively brand the 40-year public health servant in a tweet as “pathetic.”

The President also renewed blatantly false claims that the United States had done a better job than many other countries that are now seeing flareups of the disease that pale in comparison with the disaster in the southern United States.

In a news conference packed with dubious superlatives and gushing praise for his government’s work in fulfilling routine procurement tasks, Trump sketched a completely different reality from the one unfolding across the nation.

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Perhaps the most concerning aspect of his briefing was not the massive misrepresentations but that the White House is so confined to its constantly tested Covid-19 bubble that it actually believes its own propaganda.

“We are beginning to see evidence of significant progress nationwide,” Trump said, five months into a pandemic that he initially denied, and then neglected.

“An encouraging sign. Very encouraging,” Trump said, after cherry picking data and praising governors of Florida, Arizona and Texas — who allowed the virus to sweep through their states — for doing a “tremendous job.” He went on: “The virus is receding. In hot spots across the south and west, we’ve seen slow improvements from their recent weekly peaks.”

“I think we are doing very well and I think … as well as any nation,” Trump said baselessly, given that the United States has less than 5% of the world’s population but around 25% of global deaths from Covid-19.

The Wizard is Fake - Trump lied to us all and sold out America to Russia

Earlier, Pence also spoke optimistically about the outbreak in southern and western states that enthusiastically embraced Trump’s demands for an early opening and were consequently hit by a deadly wave of infections.

“We are beginning to see not only plateauing but are beginning to see cases declining and emergency rooms decline,” Pence said on a call with governors.

Plateauing, after so much death and at such a high level of new infections in southern states is welcome. But it’s hardly a cause for celebration, given that infection rates would not have been so severe with proper virus management.

Complete and total bullsit.

We are the worst by Founders Sing

Tip of the hat to the great people over at The Juice Media who originally produced this video:

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  1. Appropriate? You ask if the video is appropriate at a website called “trump”? Are you kidding me? I know that some people are just below average in IQ, I know others are willfully ignorant, I’ve met plenty of jerks, and I know some real imbeciles — but Betty! Betty, you take the cake! Congratulations! This is your “Appropriate” reward! You get to lick door handles at the local hospital!

  2. Wow,. I laughed my ass off. This is probably closer to the truth than anything else I’ve heard. Oh and by the way,. Betty needs to take a time out

  3. Obvious “Road to eventual ruin” The term “Moral Rudder” has been laid to rest. Growing up in the 1950s, I worried about the Russians. So much for that…now we have seen the dawn of self-immolation.

    In God We Trust…replaced by Fascism.

  4. Demos have sunk to a new slow. No surprises. It’s pack of lies. I’m worried for us all! If you stupid sheep get your way, say good bye to any kind of freedom. The government is far enough up my ass already! I don’t want them telling us to do anything! I got off mommies tit 60 yrs ago. I’m stunned at how people are so dumb. The larger the group the lower the IQ. 1st the masks, next the camps and then into the ovens we go if you idiot’s win! Later comrades!

  5. Masks to help prevent the spread of this disease is only the latest. let’s not forget those silly seat belt laws, child car seats, child labor laws, disability rights, food safety regulations, lead free gasoline, chlorinated water … What’s summer without cholera!

  6. Talking points from liberal media to a T. I watch both sides (and you should too) so this is the dumbest attempt to change minds I have seen…just plays to those that hate trump…FYI: Hate makes you sick inside.

    • No hate, just honest to goodness criticism. He should be able to handle it, he signed up for the job, no one forced him. He’s the one that’s a douchebag…go read Michael Cohen’s forward.

  7. The average American voter is sick and tired of the filth, derogatory comments, and out right distortions from Trump. I wish that Trump and the GOP would perhaps discuss the issues, such as immigration, taxation, special interest influence in government, and others, but no, the mud slinging has started and it will backfire on the Republicans. Wait and see!

    • You do have a point. If trump acted like a normal human being, then we’d be discussing differences on policy, how we would come together to enact change and working together as a team (both right and left). He’s nothing more than “fake” leader that uses bully tactics instead of being an ally and try to heal this country. Instead, he’s throwing gasoline on the cracks of division that were already there and separating us more.

  8. Betty is dumb shit.
    She was dumb shit in 2016. More dumb shit now.
    Betty wasted whole life being dumb shit.
    Betty use vagina attractant spray sold by Star Kist hoping Trump grab her.
    Betty is dumb shit.
    I’ll be baack…

  9. This is the mentality of the sheep trying to make a mockery of our President, laugh now assholes because in November we will be laughing handing you tissues to dry your eyes when President Trump is re elected.

    • And when loses and NYS slaps the cuffs on him and his corrupt admin and especially children… will disappear out of embarrassment.

  10. What I have just read kind of sums up what a pathetically divided country we are. If these discussions were going on face to face someone would end up getting shot.Just because someone supports one candidate over another doesn’t mean he/she is your mortal enemy.I’m a Democrat but have a few friends and brother in law who will stand by Trump right to the end.In order to stay friends we just don’t discuss politics.


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