Thursday, October 29, 2020

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America at the Crossroads: Continued Chaos or National Healing?

The choices could not be any clearer; stay on this same destructive path or choose a leader who will heal the very soul of our nation

Turning the corner or going around in circles?

Trump's own testing czar confirms that we have NOT defeated COVID19 and reports an increase in new hospitalizations and deaths

2020 Election Countdown: Survival Guide for the Final Week

Biting your nails? A SURVIVAL GUIDE to make it through these final days of this election to help ensure a 2020 Blue Wave!

COVID19 Hospitalizations Now Re-Spiking

There's a 40 percent increase in new hospitalized COVID19 patients across the U.S. as El Paso, Tx orders it's citizens to stay home

Healing a Divided America

America has never been so divided since 1860 at the start of the Civil War. Now in 2020 we must choose a candidate who will heal America.

Fox News Bailing on Lindsey Graham?

Last night we watched Lou Dobbs tell South Carolina residents not to vote for Lindsey Graham in his evening broadcast on Fox News.

TrumpCare Explained: “It is what it is…”

In this COVID19 pandemic it's become apparent that Donald Trump has only one single idea on how to solve our American healthcare crisis.

2020 Early Voting Numbers: BIG Blue Wave

The early voting numbers are showing a HUGE BLUE turnout across America that is putting Trump into a deep hole in critical swing states

The Scandalous Rudy Giuliani Scene from ‘Borat 2’

Here's the cringeworthy Rudy Giuliani scene in the hotel room with a young female from "Borat Subsequent Moviefilm"

Trump has NO healthcare plan

Joe Biden laid out his healthcare plan while Donald Trump continues to promise a healthcare plan that doesn't even exist

In closing days of campaign, more Republicans turning to vote for Joe Biden

An increasing number of Republican 2016 Trump voters are now voting for Joe Biden and Florida seniors may be the 2020 election barometer.

Trump looks to fire FBI Director who is warning of new Russian threat to election

As FBI Director Wray warned of attempts by Russia and Iran to interfere with our election, Trump is weighing options to fire Wray and Barr

Here’s how we STOP Trump from stealing this election…

A MASSIVE voter turnout and #BlueWave is the only way to ensure that Donald Trump and William Barr are unable to steal the 2020 election.

Signs of Generation Z impact in the 2020 election

Younger voters turned heads in 2018 when they showed up to vote; in 2020 they are turning out BIG in early voting stats

Early voting turnout bad news for Trump/GOP

Analyzing the record early voting numbers seen across the U.S. reveals very bad news for Trump and the down ballot GOP candidates

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