A new video ad out from MeidasTouch replays President Donald Trump’s repeated claims about “hoaxes’ and throws them back in his face.

The video begins with Trump’s claim about climate change being a “hoax,” and then proceeds to show how global temperatures have continued to increase, as well as deadly floods and wildfires.

Trump is then shown calling the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election a “hoax,” followed by scenes of all of the president’s associates who are now convicted felons as a result of the probe.

As the video ends, it shows Trump telling supporters at one of his rallies held earlier this year that Democrats’ criticism of his handling of the novel coronavirus is “their new hoax” — before showing how infections and deaths have surged ever since.

“The hoax is coming from inside the house,” the ad declares, while showing a photo of the White House.

What Happened to America First?

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  1. This is so much Bull Sh*t!
    The media has turned completely to trash! Lies.
    Get your news from citizen journalists if you want the truth on both sides.
    Do not go to the main stream news. They are paid mockingbirds that are owned by
    Nefarious entities.


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