America has never been so divided since 1860 at the start of the Civil War. Now in 2020 we must choose a candidate who will heal America.

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By Randy Jurado Ertll | The Progressive

During the chaotic first presidential debate a few weeks ago, President Donald Trump did nothing to soften the deep divisions in this election year. Besides his constant talking over Biden’s responses, Trump set a new low with his message to the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center has described the Proud Boys as an extremist, white nationalist group, the very type of group that Trump has repeatedly refused to take a stand against.

Ultimately, in 2020 th4e political and social climates have done nothing but to reinforce the fact that we have become a nation even further divided by racism and hate.

Many of Trump’s supporters have now taken a bolder approach when it comes to racial issues, some even resorting to violence.

In a recently released report, the Pew Research Center determined that the universe of 2018 eligible voters, as defined by race/ethnicity, are broken down as follows: 67 percent white, 13 percent Latinx, 13 percent Black, 4 percent Asian, and 3 percent “other.”

The white vote continues to be dominant, yet minority voters are essential for any candidate to win the presidency. Therefore, a message of healing and unity is necessary in order to promote peace during these extremely difficult times.

Biden’s personal life history, empathy and working-class background along with the personal relationships he’s forged with the Black community make him much more well-suited to the task of unifying voters.

Chaos in Donald Trump’s America

Biden has been a strong advocate of denouncing violence and white nationalism. Biden attributes the 2017 murder of a counter-protester in Charlottesville, Virginia, to Trump’s hate filled rhetoric. Trump continues to appeal to his base through conspiracy theories and race-baiting.

President Trump learned to sharpen his race-baiting rhetoric and skills in New York when he took out a full-page ad calling for “The Exonerated Five,” formerly known as the Central Park Five, to receive the death penalty, significantly influencing public opinion on the case.

Through that experience, Trump learned early on that dividing humans by race can work to his advantage.

Trump continues to take a sensational and irresponsible approach when it comes to racial issues. During the protests in Minneapolis following the killing of George Floyd, Trump responded by warning protesters across the nation, via his preferred medium of Twitter, that “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

Many of Trump’s supporters today have now taken a bolder approach when it comes to racial issues, some even resorting to violence.

Trump has portrayed himself as a “law and order” President and is using the old strategy of divide and conquer. He is stoking fears among suburban whites by blaming Democrats for higher rates of violence in  major cities, a statistic that only reflects the naturally higher crime rates in large urban areas, which tend to be more liberal places.

Joe Biden has remained steadfast in providing a message during his campaign that we need a President who is a unifier and a healer of the American people, something that Trump has continued to ignore and even rail against.

The writing is on the wall.

Our nation is deeply divided; however, if we all go out and vote in this election, we can elect a real leader will unite and heal our country. 

#TrumpTerrorism – A Vote for Trump is a Vote for Radical Right Terrorism

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