Last night we watched Lou Dobbs tell South Carolina residents not to vote for Lindsey Graham in his evening broadcast on Fox News

Lou Dobbs Tells South Carolina to Vote Against Lindsey Graham

By Mili Godio | Newsweek

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs spoke out against Senator Lindsey Graham’s re-election in South Carolina, almost a week before the Republican lawmaker’s competitive election.

The Tonight With Lou Dobbs host criticized the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman for “not subpoenaing the left-wing heads of the censorships Twitter and Facebook until after the election.”

This could not have come at a worst time for Graham who finds himself in a difficult fight to retain his senate seat against Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison. Most polls are now calling the race a toss up with some of the latest polls even giving Harrison a 2 point lead.

“I don’t know why anyone in the great state of South Carolina would ever vote for Lindsey Graham. It’s just outrageous,” Dobbs said in his Friday evening broadcast. “This is the guy who keeps saying, ‘Stay tuned.'”

Waking up to Trump's America in 2020

Dobbs went on to add that “he said he would get to the bottom of Obamagate with the Judiciary Committee, which has been a year and a half, actually longer, of absolute inert response to these pressing issues of our day.”

“Obamagate” is referring to the baseless conspiracy theory that former President Barack Obama spied on Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, which later morphed into allegations that the Obama administration masterminded the investigation into Russia’s interference in the election.

Dobbs quoted Trump’s criticism of Graham, who is one of the president’s most vocal supporters, during the 2016 election.

Trump called the senator, running against him for the presidency at the time, “one of the dumbest human beings I’ve ever seen” and “a nut job.” Dobbs said that the president’s words still apply today.

“Graham has betrayed President Trump at almost every turn,” he said. “He has betrayed the American people and his oath of office. He’s done absolutely nothing to investigate Obamagate except to tell everyone ‘stay tuned,’ time and time again… Senator Graham needs to be tuned out in South Carolina.”

Fox News sees it – Trump is not well…

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