In these remaining final hours we should all be calling, emailing and texting every single like-minded friend and family member we know.

Help to push the Biden-Harris ticket over the goal line

With less than 24 hours remaining before Election Day tomorrow and after what seems like a long, grueling and brutal fight, we all must take one final, deep breath and make this all so important push to make sure that every single Biden-Harris voter out there is contacted in these final hours and strongly encouraged to show up and vote tomorrow, if they haven’t done so already.

These are extraordinary times and this is no ordinary election.

We find ourselves struggling to control a pandemic under a president who has continued to deny reality and ignore the public health experts; leading us to exponential growth once again of a virus that has already killed over 230 Americans and now a thousand more each day.

A president who has continually attacked and dismantled the foundations of our constitutional balance of powers and seeded hate, division and chaos while using our Attorney General to cover up his often illegal, immoral and corrupt behaviour.

Common decency, the rule of law, our constitutional form of government, our values and our very lives are all on the ballot in this election. The distinction between the the two candidates could not be any clearer.

To keep our American democracy safe for our children and grandchildren’s future, there is only one choice and he is Joe Biden.

Never before in our history have we seen a candidate draw such a wide coalition of supporters with so many from the opposition party. Some of those include former cabinet members of Republican Presidents, Governors and members of congress; conservative patriots who place their country above their political party loyalty.

We have never seen anything like this before and now is the time for all true patriots to make our stand.

In this historic election and just one day before voting will close, it’s imperative that we all do everything we can today to make sure that this malignant cancer is removed from our White House.

Even though the national polls are showing as much as a double digit lead for Joe Biden and with momentum on our side, the race remains tight in a few key swing states and just a phone call from you could be the difference in helping to push one more voter for Biden to go out and vote tomorrow.

We all must commit to put all of our time and effort today into getting this victory across the finish line.

Make a plan to vote, if you haven’t already. Take friends with you. Call your friends and family in swing states and remind them to vote. Volunteer to phone bank in swing states.

If you’re only going to spend one day of your life doing political volunteer work, today and/or tomorrow is it.

Let’s not leave anything up to chance. The polls say that we’re going to win but don’t leave any room for any Trump/GOP hijinks in this election and the only way to do that is by assuring a massive blue voter turnout. That is the ONLY way to help assure our odds will climb even higher – spend these final two days giving our every last waking minute to the cause of electing Joe Biden as President of the United States.

Let’s all join together in this final push to end this Trump nightmare, once and for all.

2020 Election Countdown: Survival Guide for the Final Week

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