President Trump knew.

We have seen clear evidence that he was briefed by his advisors back in January and there are reports that he received intelligence reports even late last year, warning the White House of the coming viral danger that was developing in China.

He knew.

He claims that he “acted quickly”, by restricting travel from China at the end of January but by then the virus had already spread across the globe and onto every continent. He restricted travel from China on January 31st but he ignored the fact that the virus was already here.

And still coming in from countless other destinations left unrestricted. It was akin to closing the front door when it rains but leaving all the windows open.

CDC officials were already warning the president in early January but he continued to downplay the threat and highly exaggerated the capacity and success of his administration’s actions to contain the coronavirus threat.

He repeatedly told us that his administration was “doing a great job” and “had it under control”, when in fact, quite the opposite was true.

Those 2 months of delay to initiate serious social distancing and quarantine measures cost the country tens of thousands of lives, trillions in stock market losses and left over 35 million unemployed.

He knew, but he failed to act.

And the carnage from that poor leadership continues to mount. It’s time for new leadership and to start working on Making America Great Again…

#TrumpVirus Trump Virus


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