Today, Donald Trump has become a traitor and declared himself to be America’s public enemy number one. By his own hand he has made the case for charging him with treason. The strong accusatory terms of “treason” and “traitor” may have lost their sting just a bit, often used on social media but rarely in formal accusations against a political leader. Our legal system of justice has been extremely reserved and even hesitant in the modern era to accuse a sitting president of actual betrayal of our nation’s most precious interests and her people, even when such evidence may have existed.

Treason is an extremely profound word and being called a traitor has a powerful impact; the accusation carries with it the understanding that the penalty for being found guilty of treason is death.

Over the course of the last few months, one important fact has become crystal clear; that Donald Trump is truly America’s Public Enemy Number One and the president himself continues to fortify that case against him each day with his rhetoric on Twitter; attempting to justify his treasonous actions. With each new tweet Trump makes it abundantly clear that our president is a traitor and deserving of the charge of treason.

Let’s look at the facts supporting these serious charges…

Trump’s ugly new spin on Russia bounties actually incriminates him

From the Washington Post this morning, columnist Greg Sargent writes

Trump is now defending himself not just by claiming he wasn’t briefed on that intelligence, or just by contesting the significance of that intelligence. Instead, he’s declaring that the entire story simply doesn’t exist — that is, he’s suggesting no intelligence ever actually indicated anything like this.”

Trump tweeted:

This defense in itself is deeply self-incriminating as it only serves to underscore what Trump’s critics are saying – at bare minimum, the president should be taking this intelligence seriously and ordering an immediate investigation to corroborate or dismiss the allegation, even if the worst interpretation proves wrong.

Funny how Tweeter never seems to forget…

And in case you are still unsure as to whether such intelligence as reported truly exists, Republican lawmakers themselves who have been briefed on the intelligence confirm its existence, saying it needs further review. A number of GOP members of congress have even said that these revelations of the intelligence report makes it even more urgent to get to the bottom of what it is really going on.

Resembling something closer to a cheap spy movie script than reality, Trump also posted a tweet vowing to veto the Defense Authorization Bill if it renames military installations named after Confederate generals, providing further evidence of his ongoing and continued support for traitors to the American Union, defending their treasonous history while at the same time seemingly unconcerned regarding foreign powers potentially paying bounties for the killing of American troops abroad.

Trump’s previous acts of treason

Robert Reich made an excellent case for charging Donald Trump with treason, long before this latest revelation:


Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki was a betrayal of the nation he has a sworn duty to protect.

Under Article III Section 3 of the Constitution, the crime of treason is defined as “giving aid and comfort” to enemies of the United States. Trump has betrayed the American people in 5 ways we already know of:

1. He ignores attacks on our democracy. According to American intelligence, there’s no doubt about Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. And no doubt they’re continuing to attack, and planning further attacks, on our democratic institutions and even our energy infrastructure. 

Yet Trump casts doubt about the conclusions of the intelligence community, blames past presidents, and turns a blind eye to safeguarding America from current and future attacks. 

2. He publicly undermines U.S. intelligence officials – taking the side of Putin, a former KGB officer, when Putin claims Russia didn’t interfere in the election. And Trump accuses his own government officials of being part of a so-called “deep-state” conspiracy out to get him. 

TrumpVirus Feedback -

3. He attacks our closest allies, weakening America’s standing in the world and playing into Putin’s hands. During his trip to Europe, Trump insulted German Chancellor Angela Merkel, mocked British Prime Minister Theresa May, and was rebuked by the French President. His unreasonable demands on NATO – that members increase their military expenditures to 4 percent of their GDPs – have frayed our most important security alliance.  

4. His campaign knowingly sought help from a Russian agent. In June, 2016, senior members of Trump’s campaign, including Don Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort, met with a Russian lawyer who, before they met, had promised them damaging information on Clinton. 

5. Then in July 2016 Trump publicly encouraged Russia to meddle in our election, asking Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s email server and release the emails to the public. That same day Russian operatives initiated their cyberattack, and weeks later released the emails. 

Never before has a President of the United States so brazenly sided with a ruthless dictator intent on destroying American democracy.

If this is not treason, what is it? 

As Rick Wilson reminded us in Rolling Stone last December

The traitors talk a good game, hands over their withered hearts, about supporting the Constitution, but they’re happy to ignore it when it suits their purposes. They defend the White House’s indefensible position of stonewalling, silencing witnesses, and refusing to testify before Congress.

Traitors keep racial arsonists like Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon in their orbit and employment. They pretend these men are selling populism and nationalism when in fact it’s just the same weaponized racism that worked so well for them in 2016.

The traitors will sit in Congressional hearings on impeachment knowing the truth about Trump’s extortion racket and of the grubby, sleazy plan Trump sent Gordon Sondland, Rudy Giuliani, et al to carry out, and tell lie after lie, the bigger the better.

The traitors cheer when Trump rides roughshod over the military chain of command and the Uniform Code of Military Justice, freeing men who killed civilians, abused and violated the warrior ethos, and broke the very laws of war they swore to uphold. They’ve gone from respecting hard men carrying out tough missions to fetishizing the outliers, edge cases, and the war criminals.

You can spot the traitors simply by watching their television shows, as they look you in the eye and tell you to your face they side with Russia. Tucker Carlson wasn’t winking and nodding to the camera; it was where he’s landed politically — a pro-Putin shill on a network that looks away from their pet president’s grotesque subservience to the Russian leader who helped elect him.

The traitors are ass-deep in oligarchs, eagerly selling access to the president, the secretary of state, the attorney general, and of course, the president’s venal pack of lucky-sperm-club spawn.

And if you can’t spot the treason yet, you will soon enough. That’s the thing about spies, traitors, and those who betray their country — they rarely stay hidden forever.

Trump is a Traitor - Public Enemy Number One


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