For the president of the United States, Father’s Day appears to be an afterthought, a distraction keeping him from the important business of dwelling upon himself. Trump spent his Father’s Day on the golf course, despite having contributed to the DNA of his five children, and God only knows how many more. It was a moment that John Oliver felt needed to be captured in a “Now This” segment, which he often shows between larger acts of his Sunday evening show.

In Oliver’s montage, he showed a clip from “The Apprentice” in which the then-reality-TV Trump told Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. that he’s talked to them about things that he didn’t like about them.

“I told you things that you had to straight out, and you know I was very strong, I don’t want to make that a public thing,” said Trump.

Don Jr. cut in to say that those things were personal, not business-related.

“My father always reminds us, and we don’t really need to be reminded, it’s him and then everyone else,” said Ivanka Trump in an interview with a late-night host.

During an interview in front of a crowd, Don Jr. explained that he doesn’t even want to call his father to “bother him.”

Then there was the appearance that the president did with Ivanka, where Wendy Williams asked what they have in common. Ivanka said, “either real estate or golf,” Trump said, “sex.”

In one Larry King interview with Melania Trump, Mr. Trump said that he wasn’t sure if he would even ever see his son Barron, but he certainly wouldn’t make the food or change diapers.

But the pièce de résistance came with an old interview with Marla Maples and Trump about Tiffany Trump, where Mr. Trump said that Tiffany had “Marla’s legs” and didn’t know “if she would have this part of me,” pointing to his chest.

Bad Parent – Bad Leaders

Bernard Marr, a respected author, futurist, keynote speaker, and strategic advisor to both business and government wrote:

The qualities that make you a good parent are the same that will make you a great leader. Parents often find honesty to be the most valuable trait in a family dynamic and lying the most egregious sin. The same can be said of good leaders.”

Here’s an idea: Mr. Trump, you can Be Best, stop being a bad father and not seem like a complete narcissistic asshole if you decide to celebrate Father’s Day by putting an end once and for all to your administration’s evil Nazi-like policies, such as supporting ruthless dictators, stealing kids from their parents and placing them in detention camps, defending white supremacists, using Nazi emblems in campaign ads and on and on.

Just a thought.


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