President Trump continues to ignore COVID safety protocols and insists that the deadly virus is no worse than the common, seasonal flu

A new video ad released this week by the Republican anti-Trump group The Lincoln Project, strongly criticizes President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus, and specifically the American death toll resulting from the complete failure of leadership from this administration in dealing with the pandemic.

Trump was released a few days ago from a three-day stay at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center where he was treated for COVID-19. In a video statement, Trump said people should not worry about contracting COVID-19.

Data from this morning now shows over 217,000 people here in the U.S. have died from coronavirus.

“Donald Trump has recovered from COVID-19,” the video read while the sound of labored breathing through a ventilator is heard in the background. “But more than 200,000 Americans will never recover from Donald Trump.”

“America or Trump,” the ad concludes.

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