The US has reached the milestone of one million confirmed coronavirus cases, according to the latest data and the US death toll today is nearly 60,000.

The weight of this grim milestone may not be totally felt by the nation today, feeling overwhelmed and facing record unemployment numbers along with protests against stay-at-home orders and trying to interpret what is an often confusing and changing federal narrative that at times contradicts itself and only complicates the local state management of the pandemic response.

Life in the US today is completely upended across the country, ravaging cities and businesses while overwhelming hospitals that find themselves woefully unprepared. What started as a single infection in Washington state hsa quickly ballooned until the US became the global hotspot for Covid-19, with exponentially more confirmed cases than any other nation on the planet.

Mixed messages from Donald Trump and his administration have caused confusion over when or if Americans will return to life as usual. Squabbles between the president, governors and mayors have inspired headlines as critics assail missed chances to contain the virus.

Meanwhile, CNN’s Jim Acosta reports on President Donald Trump’s early predictions of coronavirus cases and compares them to the most recent US case toll of 1 million infections.

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