The widow of John McCain penned an op-ed today explaining to Republicans why the patriotic thing to do is to vote for Joe Biden in 2020

Joe will unite a deeply divided country 

By Cindy McCain | USA Today

As a proud, lifelong Republican I have done my share of campaigning for our party’s candidates. My decision to endorse Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was not taken lightly, and I owe it to my fellow Republicans to explain why I’m convinced he is the best choice on this year’s ballot to lead the nation as president of the United States. 

One, Joe understands the importance of national defense and has a long and strong record of support for the military. As commander in chief, he will keep the nation strong and ready to meet the array of threats facing America. Moreover, he knows the value of our security alliances in keeping the country safe and prosperous in a dangerous and unpredictable world. As president, he will strengthen America’s vital partnerships to advance U.S. interests and values. 

Biden’s strong leadership

Two, like him, I am a parent of two veterans. Joe’s reverence for the nation’s servicemembers and veterans is second to none. His commitment, like mine, starts at home. We can have every confidence he will ensure that the country cares for and supports our heroes with the same honor and devotion with which they have served us. 

Three, a President Biden will provide the leadership the country demands to beat the COVID-19 pandemic. No one will work harder in bringing the nation together to achieve the mission. Guided by a genuine spirit of bipartisanship, Joe won’t be looking for Democratic ideas or Republican ideas but the country’s best ideas to ensure that our families, businesses, communities and country recover swiftly. 

As a mother, I have watched with alarm at the ballooning debt and deficits, even before COVID-19 demanded drastic fiscal action. As president, Joe will be a leader stimulating strong private sector-led economic growth and job creation to recover from COVID’s ravages and tame titanic debt that imperils the quality of life for our children and future generations.

Biden will make a better future

Four, as a former teacher, I know that education lights the way to a better future for our students who are best served by school systems making decisions locally. School districts and their communities are far better positioned than Washington, D.C., to make responsible decisions on how to educate our children and protect students from COVID-19Joe stands for that, too

My husband believed in straight talk and country first. So do I. Joe Biden is the right choice to be president at this pivotal time in the country’s history. He is a patriot who believes passionately in America and the principles and values that make it great. He will be a leader whom all Americans can count on to put country above party, patriotism above partisanship, and national interest ahead of his own.

Most important, Joe will unite a deeply divided country and bring together all Americans to address and overcome the great challenges we face. I can vouch for these qualifications because I have known him for four decades.

He will have the vote of this proud Republican on Tuesday.  

Republican Military Veterans Voting for Biden in November 2020

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