Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Current Politics

Current politics surrounding America and the Trump administration as the nation struggles with economic and racial crisis during this coronavirus pandemic. We will keep you updated with the latest news and events.

Biden better leader than Trump

Biden better leader than Trump right now

The latest polls all show Joe Biden far ahead as Trump’s ineptitude clearly demonstrates that Biden is and will be a better leader than Trump.
very bad week politically for Trump

Another very bad week politically for Trump

Trump is having a very bad week politically, called out by former senior military officials, church leaders,and Mike Esper - his own Secretary of Defense.
Colin Powell criticizes Donald Trump as a Constitutional Threat and will vote for Joe Biden

Donald Trump is a Constitutional Threat

"Donald Trump is a constitutional threat," warns former Republican Secretary of State and retired four star general Colin Powell yesterday.
American Reckoning by Keith Morris

Racism: an American Reckoning is Coming

An American Reckong is at hand over racism today - we have always had a problem with race. But you can feel the change in consciousness, finally.
#BabyGate fence converted into a Memorial Wall

#BabyGate fence converted into a memorial wall

Trump's #BabyGate fence converted into a Memorial Wall as the fencing put up to keep protesters at bay is covered with signs promoting #BlackLivesMatter.
Mattis calls Trump a divider

Mattis exposes ‘Corporal Bone Spurs’ Trump as a ‘Divider’

Former secretary of defense Jim Mattis, a retired four star general called Trump a divider who threatens the constitutional order of America.
Donald Trump and the Nixon Bible

The Bible of Donald Trump…

He stiffly held up a Bible, announcing, “It’s a Bible,” and got his photos. It was one of the most disturbing scenes to come out of the protests so far.
Trump - a pandemic, depression and race riots in 2020

Trump: 1918, 1929 & 1968 – all in one

President Donald Trump has managed to give 2020 America the 1918 Pandemic, 1929 Great Depression and the 1968 Race Riots all together.
American carnage today has a name: Donald Trump

End Trump’s American carnage…

In his inaugural address, Donald Trump promised to end ‘American carnage.’ Now, he is actually a root cause of all the carnage across the country.
Trump holding up Bible in photo op

Trump has protesters tear gassed for photo op

Protestors were hit with flash-bang explosions and tear gas so the president could have his picture taken holding a Bible at a church across the street.

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