Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Current politics surrounding America and the Trump administration as the nation struggles with economic and racial crisis during this coronavirus pandemic. We will keep you updated with the latest news and events.

Russia and Donald Trump: Can't escape Putin's leash

Russia and Donald Trump: Can’t escape Putin’s leash

New reports out that Donald Trump is holding onto intelligence for months that Russia has been paying Taliban militants to kill Americans in Afghanistan.
Donald Trump Traitor - Loser in Chief

Draft Dodger Don: Traitor pretending to be our Commander in Chief

Trump demeans, degrades and disgraces our troops serving in the US military. He is #UNFIT to serve as president, much less Commander in Chief.

Does Trump have a brain virus? Even Fox News sees something wrong…

Lynne Meyer, a California psychologist told Yahoo News “Trump’s cognitive decline or problems are that he doesn’t even seem to have comprehension of reality. That’s what it looks like.”
Trump administration knew of Russian bounty in 2019

Trump administration knew of Russian bounty in 2019

The Trump White House knew in 2019 of classified intelligence indicating a Russian bounty was being offering to the Taliban for the deaths of Americans.
American carnage today has a name: Donald Trump

End Trump’s American carnage…

In his inaugural address, Donald Trump promised to end ‘American carnage.’ Now, he is actually a root cause of all the carnage across the country.
Politics in America after Donald Trump is defeated and gone

Politics in America, long after Trump is gone

With new alliances formed between the right and left to oppose Donald Trump, many ask what will be the long term effect on American politics?
China makes Trump roll over like a dog

China makes Trump roll over like a dog in new video

China is rising economically and America is declining because of Trump and his failed trade policy. China made Donald Trump roll over like a dog.

Trump at Fox News Town Hall: “Oh, We’ll Be Cutting Entitlements Like Medicare, Social...

Trump’s 2020 budget backs up this strategy, as it proposes to slash funding to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, even though, as a candidate, he pledged not to cut those programs during...
Divided States of America under Trump

The Divided States of America under Trump

With the election only months away, the president is losing support as Trump slowly converts our nation into the Divided States of America.
Trump and the GOP are slowly taking away your Social Security

Trump and the GOP are taking away your Social Security

Donald Trump promised not cut Social Security - what he really meant is that he wants to completely dismantle and eliminate Social Security.

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