Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Current politics surrounding America and the Trump administration as the nation struggles with economic and racial crisis during this coronavirus pandemic. We will keep you updated with the latest news and events.

GUN MANUFACTURERS / RETAILERS: Ruled “essential” by Trump amid pandemic crisis

This latest move by the President Donald Trump mid pandemic is seen as more evidence that this administration pandering to his base and valuing business profits over public health.
very bad week politically for Trump

Another very bad week politically for Trump

Trump is having a very bad week politically, called out by former senior military officials, church leaders,and Mike Esper - his own Secretary of Defense.
American Reckoning by Keith Morris

Racism: an American Reckoning is Coming

An American Reckong is at hand over racism today - we have always had a problem with race. But you can feel the change in consciousness, finally.

ACTION NEEDED: Sign the Petition to reinstate Navy Captain Crozier

After the firing of a ship’s captain over his plea for resources amid an outbreak of coronavirus onboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71), more than 250,000 have signed a petition...
Divided States of America under Trump

The Divided States of America under Trump

With the election only months away, the president is losing support as Trump slowly converts our nation into the Divided States of America.
Colin Powell criticizes Donald Trump as a Constitutional Threat and will vote for Joe Biden

Donald Trump is a Constitutional Threat

"Donald Trump is a constitutional threat," warns former Republican Secretary of State and retired four star general Colin Powell yesterday.

Donald Trump is a National Embarrassment…

Trump and Republicans attacking Biden "gaffes"  Yes... Really. So, The Lincoln Project gladly accepted the challenge of immediately reminding America just...

Dan Crenshaw: Who is he kidding?

This former Navy Seal and current Republican member of Congress has transformed himself from calling Trump an “idiot” whose rhetoric was “insane” and “hateful” to become part of a colloquy of pleasers...
Woody Guthrie knew the racist old man Fred Trump

Woody Guthrie and Racist Fred Trump: like father like son?

American singer-songwriter Woody Guthrie - the "Poet of the People" - knew the racist old man Fred Trump, father to the president, all too well.
American carnage today has a name: Donald Trump

End Trump’s American carnage…

In his inaugural address, Donald Trump promised to end ‘American carnage.’ Now, he is actually a root cause of all the carnage across the country.

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