Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Current politics surrounding America and the Trump administration as the nation struggles with economic and racial crisis during this coronavirus pandemic. We will keep you updated with the latest news and events.

Trump and the GOP are slowly taking away your Social Security

Trump and the GOP are taking away your Social Security

Donald Trump promised not cut Social Security - what he really meant is that he wants to completely dismantle and eliminate Social Security.
The GOP is destroying America

The GOP is destroying America…

Robert Reich exposes the shameful priorities of Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans during the coronavirus crisis.
This is how it starts

‘This is how it starts’: unmarked agents in our streets

Videos of masked officers attacking protesters and federal agents with no badge kidnapping civilians into unmarked vans is frightening to watch.
Trump caught in another big fat lie by Chris Wallace of Fox News

Fox News catches Trump in another BIG LIE

Chris Wallace fact-checked President Donald Trump's inaccurate claim that Joe Biden is in favor of defunding the police, leading to a testy reaction.
Voters are anxious for November - Trump and the Pandemic - Jobs not coming back anytime soon

Trump making history – again…

Donald Trump loves to brag and exaggerate but doesn't want voters to remember these important, historical feats that he alone can take credit for.
Donald Trumps White House staff, campaign and his own family whispering about him behind his back

Trump can’t ignore the whispers anymore…

Donald Trump is sinking in the polls. He's tried to ignore COVID-19 and the Russian bounty scandal, but he can’t ignore the loud whispers behind his back.
Trump facing coup from conservative republican groups

Trump Facing a Digital Conservative Coup

Trump is facing new opposition today from his own party with grassroot organizations now joining the Lincoln Project and other conservative action groups.
Politics in America after Donald Trump is defeated and gone

Politics in America, long after Trump is gone

With new alliances formed between the right and left to oppose Donald Trump, many ask what will be the long term effect on American politics?
Donald Trump is a traitor - public enemy number one

Donald Trump: Public Enemy Number One

Donald Trump, with his own treasonous words and actions has become a traitor and made himself America's public enemy number one.
Lincoln Project navy seal accuses Donald Trump of being a traitor or complicit in Russian bounties for lives of US troops

Lincoln Project: Trump is a ‘coward or complicit’

Video of former Navy Seal accusing Donald Trump of being either a "coward" or "complicit" in his failure to Russia paying bounties for US troops.

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