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COVID-19 is an infectious disease, caused by a coronavirus not found in people before and causes viral respiratory illness. The disease is thought to spread by nose and mouth droplets when someone who is infected coughs, sneezes or exhales, landing in the mouths or noses of people nearby. It may be possible for people to breathe the droplets into their lungs and for that reason it is important to stay 6 feet away from other people in public. At home, someone who is sick should stay alone, in one room, as much as possible. Droplets can also land on surfaces and objects that other people then touch, making it important to wash your hands before you touch your mouth, nose, face or eyes. Infected people may be able to spread the disease before they have symptoms or feel sick. We’ll share related news and stories here.

Data shows that there are more COVID infections in Red States vs Blue States in US

Busting Trump’s Lies on COVID and Blue States

President Trump has repeatedly blamed blue states for the high COVID infection numbers but the actual data shows the exact opposite.

COVID19 – Troubling Signs of a Second Wave

The recent uptick in coronavirus cases across the U.S. has emergency physicians fearing the start of a "dreaded second wave."
Donald Trump - Number One Cause of Death in America

#TrumpVirus – Defeat America’s Greatest Health Threat

In the midst of this pandemic, Donald Trump has proven himself to be America's greatest health threat in 2020.
COVID19: More than 215,000 Americans will never recover from Donald Trump

COVID19: More than 217,000 Americans will NEVER recover from Donald Trump

President Trump continues to ignore COVID safety protocols and insists that the deadly virus is no worse than the common, seasonal flu


With increasing numbers of White House staff infected, it's clear that Donald Trump is a Super Spreader of COVID19 and pandemic misinformation

COVID19: More Americans dead than 4 Vietnam Wars

Nearly 50,000 Americans died in the Vietnam War from 1964 to 1975 but COVID19 has already killed over four times that number in 8 months.
Joe Biden jumps to 14 point lead in latest poll

COVID19 has Trump on the ropes

Latest poll shows Joe Biden's lead now jumping to 14 points over Trump as the president grows weaker - both physically and politically
Donald Trump COVID19 postive - health status questions

Questions raised over Trump’s status

The White House’s statements about the seriousness of Trump’s condition aren't adding up amid conflicting reports from several sources

25th Amendment time? White House in Chaos

With COVID positive tests results spreading, White House staffers are reportedly alarmed and rattled, with a serious lack of communication.
Donald Trump flown to Walter Reed Hospital with COVID and fever

Trump Hospitalized with COVID and Fever

The president was tested positive with the virus last night. This morning he developed a fever and was taken to Walter Reed Hospital

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