Monday, November 23, 2020


Trump promised to “drain the swamp” but instead filled the White House with lobbyists of every special corporate interest with the corruption largely tailored for his own personal political and financial gain. We wil hold Trump’s tiny orange feet to the fire and document his continual, ongoing corruption here on this page.

Will Trump be impeached again?

Impeachment Redux for Donald Trump?

President Trump was already impeached once and even without Robert Mueller’s case for obstruction of justice, but new charges now could be brought.
Judge rules the president unlawfully retaliated against Michael Cohen - imprisoned his former attorney to prevent the release of his tell-all book on Trump

Judge Orders Cohen Released, Citing ‘Retaliation’ Over Tell-All Book

The president with the DOJ used our criminal justice system to unlawfully jail his former attorney Cohen and prevent the release of his book on Trump.
Roger Stone Donald Trump abuse of power sentence commuted


Donald Trump's clemency to Roger Stone, convicted of obstructing an investigation into the president, is raising questions of abuse of power.
Donald Trump - most corrupt US president ever in our history

Most Corrupt President In US History

Surrounding himself with convicted felons, Donald Trump appears to be running the White House the same way a mafia kingpin runs a criminal enterprise.

Roger Stone still a ‘Convicted Felon’ and ‘Rightly So’

Special counsel Robert Mueller strongly criticized President Donald Trump’s decision to commute Roger Stone’s prison sentence on seven felonies.
Trump and GOP sold out to Russia Putin Oligarchs

Trump / GOP sold out America to Putin’s oligarchs

Investigators found troubling financial ties involving millions from Russian oligarchs in campaign donations to Trump and several GOP leaders.
Trump and his staggering criminal corruption

Staggering, criminal corruption – in broad daylight

Commuting the sentence of friend and advisor Roger Stone, who could directly implicate Trump in criminal misconduct, is staggering corruption.
Trump running out the clock on emoluments

Trump simply running out the clock…

A federal appeals court delivered Trump an under-the-radar victory in a lawsuit seeking to expose foreign governments’ spending at his private businesses.
Roger Stone prison sentence communted by Donald Trump

Another Quid Pro Quo? Trump commutes Roger Stone’s prison sentence

Roger Stone's sentence was commuted by Trump fueling speculation he was offered leniency in exchange for not cooperating with the Mueller investigation.
Traitors -Learn and Remember their Names

Traitors: Learn and Remember their Names

The GOP could have held the President accountable, spoken the truth, voted for Trump's removal and protected Lt. Colonel Vindman. They are traitors.

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