Saturday, October 31, 2020
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Comic Relief

Late night TV hosts and political cartoons providing us with some comic relief from the Trump negativity and division that today has consumed the nation. Giving us something to smile about in spite of the bad economy, coronavirus pandemic and racism which Trump continues to fuel.

Trump dementia tests for cognitive abaility - "Person Woman Man Camera TV..."

Trump learns how to cognitively rap 5 words!

Hilarious video with Donald Trump rapping how to ace a very, very complicated cognitive ability test, all you need to be president.
Trump is incapable of managing a pandemic

Is Trump capable of managing the COVID pandemic?

The short answer is no, but is anybody really surprised? The moron cannot even catch an easy softball tossed to him in a staged photo op.
Trump's 5 words in cognitive test by Sarah Cooper

How to person-woman-man-camera-tv…

President Donald Trump again defended his cognitive abilities repeating "Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV," four times in an interview with Fox News

Trumpizing the Oval Office…

From FDR addresing the nation on the Pearl Harbor attack to JFK and the Cuban missile Crisis, Donald Trump uses the oval office to sell Goya beans.
Roger Stone Donald Trump abuse of power sentence commuted


Donald Trump's clemency to Roger Stone, convicted of obstructing an investigation into the president, is raising questions of abuse of power.
MAGA Masks - how to convince Trumpers to wear them

MAGA Masks: convincing Trumpers to wear ’em

With anti-maskers putting us all at risk, video artist Mark Fiore offers an attractive masking option to convince even the most die hard Trump supporters.
Coronavirus is voting for Donald Trump - Lalo Alcaraz - TrumpVirus

Coronavirus is Voting for Trump!

Latino artist Lalo Alcaraz is voting for Biden in November but working with Republicans at the Lincoln Project to help defeat Donald Trump in November.
Racists for Donald Trump

Racists for Donald Trump: Worth a Second Look

The 2016 Saturday Night Live skit "Racists for Trump" seems to fit right in today with Donald Trump refusing to recognize the Black Lives Matter movement.
Trump and his Tulsa rally walk of shame go viral

Trump and his Tulsa rally ‘Walk of Shame’ go viral

After only a small crowd attended his much-hyped Trump rally in Tulsa on Saturday, video of his return to the White House was labeled his "Walk of Shame".
Video: Low energy? Not Joe Biden...

Video: Low energy? Not Joe…

New Biden Campaign Ad: ‘He Can Run And Drink Water.’ Is this a new Joe Biden AD featuring Biden and Obama racing around...

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