Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Protest Music

A divisive president inspires protest through music. On this page we will highlight some of our favorite anti-Trump protest songs, with the music performed by a variety of different artists. Listen and share with your friends on both sides of the political aisle.

The Republican Convention seems to be built on pure fantasy with lies after lies

The Wizard is Fake

The RNC Convention seems built on pure fantasy with a steady stream of false claims. This song might be the perfect theme for the convention.

Please Mister Postman 2.0

Please Mister Postman 2.0 for Trump times with the controversy surrounding Louis DeJoy interfering with the US mail and mail-in voting.
tormy Daniels and Donald Trump

Donald Trump Sings: ‘Stormy Daniels’ by Harry Shearer

"What good is hush money when it buys so little hush?" from Donald Trump Sings: 'Stormy Daniels' by Harry Shearer

Son In Law – Harry Shearer

“Son In Law” was the first track released from Harry Shear’s forthcoming album, “The Many Moods Of Donald Trump”.

It is what it is – by Founders Sing

Founders Sing parodies President Donald Trump saying the United States' staggering death toll from coronavirus "is what it is."
It Is What It Is - Miss Laurie Lehner & the Band Aides

It Is What It Is – Miss Laurie Lehner & the Band Aides

Miss Laurie Lehner & the Band Aides perform “It Is What It Is”, incorporating the melody of the 1956 popular hit "Que Sera, Sera.

Charlottesville By Name – Keith Morris & the Crooked Numbers

A painful reminder of the three year anniversary of the white supremacist "Unite the Right" rally at Charlottesville, Virginia.
Trump and Coronavirus take a road trip together

Viral Road Trip Song: Trump & COVID Travel the US

Trump and CoronaVirus hit the road together across the USA. Will DJT and COV discover they are more alike than different?
Wouldn't Want To Be Like You - Sheryl Crow

Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You – Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow on Trump: “I’m concerned about our democracy, what we count on as Americans... the fact that we don’t know what the truth is, is sad”
Keep Mar-A-Lago But I Want America Back

(Keep Mar-A-Lago But) I Want America Back

This song by Eric Hirshberg was written articulating the frustration that most of us feel with the current occupant of The White House.

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