Tuesday, October 27, 2020

2020 Campaign

The 2020 campaign to defeat Trump promises to be nasty and brutal yet probably the most important election we have faced in our lifetime. America will decide if it chooses to follow Donald Trump, his lies and division or restore our nation built on principles, fairness and constitution balance of powers.

Vice President Joe Biden has now officially clinched the 1,991 pledged delegates he needs to be the Democratic Party’s nominee and will be the challenger for the Democratic party in the 2020 campaign for president.

“This is a difficult time in Americaโ€™s history. And Donald Trumpโ€™s angry, divisive politics is no answer. The country is crying out for leadership. Leadership that can unite us,” a portion of the statement reads.

Donald Trump and his followers are a cult

This is why we MUST VOTE for Joe Biden

Facing a global pandemic, America is led by a narcissistic liar who more closely resembles a cult leader than the leader of the free world.

To save America, Trump has to go…

Trump never had a real plan for coronavirus, much less our nation's future. This election will decide where we want for America to go.
Data shows that there are more COVID infections in Red States vs Blue States in US

Busting Trump’s Lies on COVID and Blue States

President Trump has repeatedly blamed blue states for the high COVID infection numbers but the actual data shows the exact opposite.

COVID19 – Troubling Signs of a Second Wave

The recent uptick in coronavirus cases across the U.S. has emergency physicians fearing the start of a "dreaded second wave."
State by State Guide to Early Voting

How to Vote Early: State by State Guide

Most states offer voters options to vote early and/or apply for an absentee ballot. Here is a state by state guide to early voting in 2020.
The Failed Leadership of Donald Trump facing COVID19

Trump’s Lies are Killing Americans

The short video is incredibly sad and painful to watch but clearly lays bare the Trump administration's failed COVID19 pandemic response
GOP waking up to Trump too late

GOP finally wakes up to see who they’ve been in bed with…

The Lincoln Project is out with a new video ad, shaming the GOP enablers of Donald Trump, comparing the relationship to a one night stand
Donald Trump - Number One Cause of Death in America

#TrumpVirus – Defeat America’s Greatest Health Threat

In the midst of this pandemic, Donald Trump has proven himself to be America's greatest health threat in 2020.

America’s Heartland is Voting for Joe Biden

Joe Biden is campaigning across America's Heartland of blue collar workers, igniting hope for the future of labor unions and organizations.
Senior Voters moving to Biden

How Donald Trump Lost Senior Citizen’s Vote

Polls are now pointing to Joe Biden becoming the first Democratic presidential nominee in 20 years to win a majority of senior citizens.

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