President Trump has repeatedly blamed blue states for the high COVID infection numbers but the actual data shows the exact opposite.

President Donald Trump continues to blame blue states for the high coronavirus statistics today in the United States.

However a new graph clearly shows the actual political breakdown of states with the highest COVID-19 outbreaks since June and it completely destroys the myth that Trump has been trying to make on the campaign trail, blaming democratic governors and mayors for the problem.

When president Trump initially instituted a partial travel ban with China but virtually left the rest of the country open, the virus came in through New York from Europe. Badly unprepared and with Trump largely ignoring the pandemic threat early on, the virus took a foothold in the northeast of the country that was, in fact, mostly run by democratic governors and mayors.

However by June, we can see how the states initially hit responded and while Trump continued to publicly paint a rosy pandemic forecast, the red states began to become ravaged by coronavirus. Those governors in many red states followed Trump’s advice, opting to reopen despite the CDC’s statistics and evidence indicating that cases would rise if they reopened too quickly.

As red states began to reopen, Trump lambasted Democratic governors for being overly cautious on reopening too quickly and the video graphic proves why their hesitation to follow the president has proved in hindsight, a very judicious move.

As time progresses in the video, the states with predominantly Republican voters and leaders are the ones today now with the highest numbers of COVID cases and the worst outbreaks; completely contrary to what the president has been saying while campaigning:

“If you take the blue states out,” Trump said just a few weeks ago, “we’re at a level that I don’t think anybody in the world would be at. We’re really at a very low level, but some of the states — they were blue states, and blue-state management.”

Since the pandemic was first announced early this year, the United States has confirmed more than 8 million coronavirus cases and more than 220,000 Americans have died from the virus.

That’s a real failure in leadership and today is hurting most the very people who continue to support Trump.

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