“And so you could see in the coming months more and more of these Republicans starting to jump off the ship like fleeing rats. But, you know, at the end they’ve lashed their masts to the S.S. Trump, and the S.S. Trump is foundering in heavy seas. That’s what the poll number says,” according to former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt who believes that Biden will make a better leader than Trump.

The latest general election polls all show a growing lead for Joe Biden as the nation faces health, cultural and economic crises. Steve Schmidt tells Lawrence O’Donnell it’s a result of American voters observing Donald Trump’s “clinic of ineptitude play out now for months.”

Schmidt, the former aide to the late Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), has opposed President Donald Trump since the days he attacked the Vietnam Veteran for being a prisoner of war. 

Most of us by now have seen the video of the 75-year-old man from Buffalo, a longtime peace activist getting shoved to the concrete by police, whereupon he begins bleeding profusely from the head.

Prosecutors have charged two officers with assault. The president, having watched a bonkers conspiracy theory segment on the far-right cable channel OAN, believes that it was a good idea to attack this gentleman.

Trump’s rage-tweeting is nothing new. But five months from the election, he holds not just the fate of his own campaign but those of every Republican in his hands. And his ability to see clearly and make good decisions, always questionable to begin with, may be deteriorating.

Many GOP members of congress refused to go on the record criticizing Trump but expressed outrage and disgust with the presidents remarks. One senator even commented that Biden appears as a better leader than the president right now, when comparing their public comments over the last week.

Biden better leader than Trump - confederate flag
Biden better leader than Trump – trumpvirus.org

Trump second president of the Confederacy

Appearing on MSNBC’s DEADLINE a few days later, Schmidt said that it has become abundantly clear that Trump is the second president of the Confederacy.

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace said that Trump sounds more like George Wallace, with the Republican Party willing to enable his racism. She played a clip of GOP senators refusing to comment on Trump’s recent decision to attack a 75-year-old peace activist as a violent protester who faked his injuries he incurred after police pushed him.

“I called that walk the geriatric shuffle,” he said, mocking the old, white officials pretend not to hear reporters. “Watching all these Republican senators shuffle by with their hands in their pockets, nothing to say about the administration’s ordering violence against peaceful protestors. Not a word to be said about legendary marine corps general former Secretary of Defense saying that Donald Trump is a danger to the Constitution and we see Donald Trump’s embrace of the Confederacy yet again today. He’s hoisting the Confederate flag, The Confederate battle flag as his campaign banner in a fundamental way.”

“What we see with Trump is he’s really historically — he’s the second president of the confederacy,” Schmidt continued. “This is exactly what the George Wallace presidency would have looked like. It would have been one of incitement and division. One of the great tragedies for the Republican Party, which is founded in 1854, it was the party of the north and the west that has now become so deeply rooted in the old Confederacy in the South, where the scandals of the fallen South have now become the symbols of the Republican Party.”

Tragic for our history.

“I think when you see Donald Trump’s divisions and incitements, the American people are rejecting it, they’re rejecting it all over the country and look demographically at how the country’s changing, it’s just a death knell for the Republican Party. They alienate everybody except white males over the age of 70, which are the hard core, steadfast part of Trump’s base as it continues to shrink under pressure from his incompetent performance in the country and people are saying we can’t do this four more years,” he closed.

Schmidt joins a growing group of current and former Republicans speaking out with strong criticism of President Trump and the GOP today, supporting Joe Biden in the November election and believing that he will make a better leader than Trump.


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