A new audio tape released today shows that President Donald Trump has blood on his hands, having deliberately played down the threat of coronavirus.

In his own words revealed today in an audio recording, President Donald Trump deliberately played down the mortal dangers of the novel coronavirus because he “didn’t want to create a panic.”

Bob Woodward has a new book coming out next week – RAGE – and just dropped another bombshell on Trump.

Long before spring had arrived here in the US, the president knew the severity of the dangers related to the coronavirus threat.

“I wanted to always play it down,” Trump said in the recording made on March 19th, shortly after he had declared a national emergency.

“I still like playing it down,” he added.

The president’s comments that he had intentionally played down the dangers of the virus included an admission that he knew the virus could spread rapidly through the air and was five times more deadly than the seasonal flu, in complete contradiction to his public comments made.

“It goes through air, Bob,” he said. “It’s also more deadly than your, you know, your strenuous flus.”

The president went on to also concede that it not only affected older generations, recognizing that younger people as well could die from the virus. Ever since that point in time when Trump made these admissions to Woodward, nearly 200,000 Americans have died from the novel coronavirus.

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