“All Along the Watchtower” is one of the most famous songs of the 20th century, written and recorded by Bob Dylan. The song first appeared on Dylan’s eighth studio album, John Wesley Harding, released in 1967.

From Wikipedia: Covered by numerous artists in various genres, “All Along the Watchtower” is strongly identified with the interpretation Jimi Hendrix recorded for the album Electric Ladyland with the Jimi Hendrix Experience. The Hendrix version … became a Top 20 single in 1968, received a Grammy Hall of Fame award in 2001, and was ranked 47th in Rolling Stone magazine’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time in 2004.

Hendrix created an electrifying rock classic, hailed by The Telegraph and Rolling Stone as the greatest cover of all time:

The Jimi Hendrix Experience – All Along The Watchtower

TrumpVirus contributor D. A. Buckna has reworked the lyrics for Trump times: “All Along the Trump Tower.”

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All Along the Trump Tower

“There must be some kind of way outta here”
Said his staffers in their grief
“There’s too much confusion
We can’t get no relief
CNN report his crimes
They dig to unearth
All of them along the line
Know what only counts is Facts First”
Hey! Hey!

“No reason to get excited”
The chief, he blindly spoke
“The many alt-right among us
Who feel my life is to provoke
But you and I, we’ve been through that
And this is not my fate
So let us keep talkin’ falsely now
The hour is getting late”

(Guitar Solo)


All along the Trump Tower
Grifters kept the view
While all the Russians came and went
Barefoot lawyers, too
Outside in the cold distance
A trumpet did sound
Two riders were approaching
And his heart began to pound

All along the Trump Tower
All along the Trump Tower 

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“There must be some kind of way outta here”
Said his staffers in their grief

List of Trump administration dismissals and resignations

“There’s too much confusion”

Commander of confusion: Trump sows uncertainty and seeks to cast blame in coronavirus crisis (April 2, 2020)

Trump creates more election confusion with double-voting suggestion
(Sept. 3, 2020)

Trump’s rebuke of CDC director sows confusion on vaccine timeline (Sept. 17, 2020)

Indifference and confusion mark White House response
Trump again minimizes the pandemic as officials warn of a fall surge (Sept. 23, 2020)

The comments led to widespread confusion, with the state of Maryland fielding hundreds of calls about whether ingesting disinfectants was effective, according to the state’s governor.

10 stunning moments you might have forgotten from Trump’s presidency
(Sept.19, 2020)

Democrats and election observers fear Trump is attempting to sow distrust and confusion about the vote so he can question its integrity if he loses.
Trump Says He Won’t Commit To A Peaceful Transfer Of Power If He Loses (Sept. 23, 2020)

Know what only counts is Facts First
Facts First
Facts First

The many alt-right among us

The GOP had an uneasy relationship with the far right. Until Trump. (Sept. 16, 2020)

QAnon’s growth mirrors sharp spike in far-right extremist violence in US: Experts (Sept. 22, 2020)

Richard Spencer, another prominent white nationalist figure, was captured on video leading a “Hail Trump” salute at an alt-right conference in Washington.
Allegations of racism have marked Trump’s presidency and become key issue as election nears (Sept. 23, 2020)

Who feel my life is to provoke
Trump’s Effort to Provoke Violence Is Working (July 28, 2020)

China worries that Trump, facing a tough election may provoke a new fight
(Sept. 18, 2020)

Trump Regime Sends Signals it May Try to Provoke Pre-Election Conflict with Iran (Sept. 23, 2020)

So let us keep talkin’ falsely now
Latest Fact-Checks of Donald Trump
Fact Checker
Daniel Dale fact-checks President Trump
Jonathan Swan reveals the simple secret to exposing Trump’s lies: basic follow-up questions (Sept. 3, 2020)
President Trump has made over 20,000 false or misleading claims

All along the Trump Tower
Trump Tower Residents Are Selling Their Condos at a Loss to Get Out: Report (May 14, 2019)

The Trump Files: When Donald Destroyed Historic Art to Build Trump Tower
(Sept. 10, 2020)

Grifters kept the view
The Grifter’s Club (2020) by Sarah Blaskey, Nicholas Nehamas, Caitlin Ostroff & Jay Weaver

‘Not your typical Trump book’: Herald journalists talk about Mar-a-Lago, Epstein espionage

While all the Russians came and went
Barefoot lawyers, too

Russians and Ukrainians

Two riders were approaching
Biden, Harris take aim at Trump in first campaign event (Aug. 12, 2020)

Joe Biden speech at the Democratic Convention | Joe Biden For President 2020 (Aug. 20, 2020)

Kamala Harris’ Democratic Convention Speech | Joe Biden For President 2020 (Aug. 20, 2020)

And his heart began to pound
Trump’s doctor says the president has not had a ‘stroke,’ ‘mini-stroke’ or heart emergencies (Sept. 1, 2020)

David Talbot on Donald Trump: “He’s a walking time bomb” (Sept. 11, 2020)

It’s All Over Now, Baby Don

Joe Locke ‘All Along The Watchtower / Breathe’

Melody Angel – All Along the Watchtower

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